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Road King: TRAC18 GPS

Our Technology offers numerous benefits

benefits by automating common operations using TRAC18 GPS software, in concert with our RK3000, including interfaces with a variety of switches and sensors, and the ability to operate valves and relays remotely. All of the screens (and many more) can be viewed on a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or smart TV; through most browsers (Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, and Firefox); from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. All our software is cloud based, and is accessible 24/7 at no extra cost to you. And unique to Road King Technologies; your clients can log in and see a filtered view of trucks en route to their job-sites.

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Personalised website access for your private community

Any device with a browser, i.e. PC, Mobile, Tablet and even smart TV. It's easy to access and easy to learn, and best of all, it's available 24/7 from anywhere

The Vehicle Status screen gives you more!

Shows which trucks are motor/off, the time between the current time and the time of the last transmission, and in which yard it is currently at.

Powerful Google Maps render engine and live information

The global view is a long/lat colour-coded position of each vehicle.

Geofence, Zones and Area are powerful supervisor tools.

Automatically shows a long/lat position of each job-site. Establishes areas in the yard for all plants, e.g. washing zone, slump adjustment, recycling...

The most advanced and easiest interactive map

In the global view interface, all pins and objects are clickable. This allows you to quickly access important information and interact with the map.

Preventive Maintenance Programs are fully integrated

Set up your own tasks and establish thresholds. Receive alerts when thresholds are met.

Large variety of tools to help you make the right decision

The Global View offers additional information. The right panel is hidden and resizable giving you the ability to see sensitive information on demand.

PDF reports, exportable to Excel and HTML

Choose reports and filter settings to print only what is required.

See job site status in one look with the Delivery Step screen

If you need an interactive overview of all current job site status and deliveries then you will appreciate our Delivery Screen.

Compatible with all batching and dispatching software

TRAC18 GPS software is compatible with any batching and dispatching software on the market and can link to any 3rd party software for synchronization and/or export.

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